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Ph: 952-564-9357
fax: 952-467-6428
alt: 952-201-7717


Whether you're looking for a solid slab look, tile scoring or an intricate design, we
will work with you to create a unique look in your floor for your home or business.
Our hope for your project is simple: That you will love the outcome and your
experience working with us!
We'll work with you every step of the way to turn your ideas into what you've been
envisioning. We want to make the entire process fun and enjoyable from start to
Staining concrete is one of the most popular applications for transforming concrete
slabs. Often referred to as colored concrete, homeowners, designers and builders
are drawn to stained concrete because of the unique outcome that can be achieved
combining colors, application techniques, etc., on cement flooring and other
substrates. The results are limited only by the creativity of those involved in the
stained concrete process.
Stamped concrete, or imprinted concrete, is concrete that is designed to resemble
brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile and even wood. on our photo album you will see
how stamped concrete can be used to beautify pool decks, driveways, entries and
courtyards, and patios.
Due to the wide array of concrete patterns and concrete colors, and the cost of
stamped concrete in relation to the materials it is is a substitute for, the choice of
stamped concrete is becoming more popular and frequent.
Welcome to 30-30 concrete Inc.
Many styles &
Colors Available
Visit our stamp
concrete  show room
250 Industrial
Young America mn
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